1461425_489052464537198_2146627724_nIn the south west corner of McNairy County, Tennessee, lies a special, almost magical place only known to the locals.The area is filled with history from Indians to Civil War skirmishes, moonshiners to preachers and some of the most diverse wildlife habitat in the south. This area has names such as “Doc’s”, “The Backbone”, “Snow Lake”, “Wooten Bridge” and “The John Howell Slough”. The ones of us who’ve been fortunate enough to get to see and hunt this area, know, when you see it for the first time its where you wish you could stay!


It’s here that great men have left their legacy in these timber rich hills and cypress swamps, where fathers and sons, grandfathers and grandchildren and only the dearest of friends have watched ducks fly in the early morning light, heard turkeys gobble over the next ridge, got their first buck and dropped a bobber in the black water hoping for a bite.


We as sportsmen know its not about the limit or the tag, its about those special times spent and the memories made with those you love and cherish, shutting out the world around you and enjoying what God has given us! We here at HB Outfitters want to honor and share this special place and these special people with our quality brands of clothing and products to be there on those days that you never want to forget!


What’s your season?

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